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‘The Tories are letting down low-income pensioners in need of support’, says Portsmouth MP

By 2 February 2023No Comments

Stephen Morgan MP has revealed that pensioner poverty has been rising over the Conservative government’s time in office, with 18% of pensioners in the UK in poverty in 2019/20. This is an increase from 14% when Labour left office in 2010/11.

During this period, the Tories have plunged over 450,000 pensioners into poverty, which has increased more dramatically for pensioners who are disabled, single women, or aged 85+.

According to recent data, 770,000 eligible pensioner households in Britain are not in receipt of Pension Credit, of which, over a third of those are entitled. In addition to this, over 220,000 pensioner households are missing out on housing benefit, which amounts to 16% of those who are eligible to claim.

Overall, pensioners are missing out on £2.4 billion a year from Pension Credit and Housing Benefit.

Member of Parliament for Portsmouth South, Stephen Morgan, said:

“This Government have continuously let down low-income Portsmouth pensioners who are in need of much needed support. It has failed on the uptake of support for pensioners who are living in poverty and has failed to secure help for pensioners who need support with rent.

“The Tories’ inability to alleviate the cost-of-living crisis, and the cuts that they have made to public funds and services over the last decade, has seen pensioner poverty rise by almost half a million. However, the Government has still not provided reassurance to pensioners and continues to recklessly gamble with working people’s money.

“Only a Labour government will stand up for our city’s pensioners and ensure that those who are of retiring age are not uncertain about their future.”

In recent weeks the city MP met with the Portsmouth Pensioner’s Association to hear their priorities for the year ahead. Mr Morgan has also vowed to continue to take action to ensure a solution from Government for women born in the 1950s affected by state pension injustice.