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The world’s top scientists say we have a few short years to get to grips with tackling climate change. That is why addressing this issue is a top priority for Stephen and will be one of Labour’s most important tasks in Government.

Stephen’s actions on climate change include:

  • Leading the Labour Group locally in declaring a climate change emergency
  • Working with Extinction Rebellion Portsmouth
  • Voting to declare a climate change emergency in UK parliament
  • Co-led a debate on active travel in Parliament to reduce vehicle emissions
  • Working with the council to secure funding for essential sea defence schemes
  • Encourages cycling around Portsmouth by promoting better infrastructure
  • Lobbying government for investment in green transport that is also affordable
  • Visiting schools to promote plastic-free and recycling campaigns
  • Bringing the Shadow Environment Secretary to Portsmouth to hear concerns
  • Planting more than 100 trees in Portsmouth
  • Backing a green industrial revolution to create jobs of the future

Stephen said:

“Undeniably climate change is the greatest threat we face. It must always be at the forefront of our agenda.

Children teaching Westminster a lesson by striking, Portsmouth people staging protests, pressure from activists such as Greta Thunberg –there is an atmosphere of change at a grass roots level and I believe that politicians have a responsibility to mirror this.”

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