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‘Portsmouth is falling behind in transition to electric vehicles’ says City MP  

By 3 May 2024May 4th, 2024No Comments

Stephen Morgan MP has expressed concern following the release of new statistics by the electric vehicle members association that show only 387 constituents in Portsmouth South currently own an EV, compared to the average of 977 per constituency.

It follows the chaotic handling of street based chargers being out of order for months with 98 of Portsmouth’s charging points closed in November with no date specified by Portsmouth City Council on when they would be back in use.

Shockingly, just 38, less than half, have now been reinstated 6 months later, despite pressure on the council to take action.

play a vital role in the UK’s race to achieve its net zero targets, but those considering making the switch are often held back by a poor provision of infrastructure.

Local people and campaign groups report that there is a desperate need for charging infrastructure to improve in Portsmouth in order to encourage drivers to make the switch.

The City MP has previously called on the council to do much more to support drivers in Portsmouth with the transition to electric vehicles.

Mr Morgan hosted a roundtable with constituents on electric vehicle use, to hear concerns from local residents about the availability and speed of charging points across the city and to take ideas and concerns back to Parliament.

Following the news of additional LEVI capital funding provided to Portsmouth, Mr Morgan has been calling for the significant scaling up of charge points and support for residents without off-street parking switch to electric vehicles.

Commenting, Portsmouth South MP Stephen Morgan said:

“With higher than average rates of car ownership, Portsmouth has huge potential to lead by example in the transition to electric vehicles, but the chaos at the council in recent months is holding the city back.

“Yet the low levels of uptake make clear that drivers wanting to benefit from the advantages of electric vehicles in Portsmouth so far have not been given the support or infrastructure they need to do so.

“Under a Labour Government, this will not be tolerated. Labour’s plan to turbocharge electric vehicle manufacturing will accelerate the roll-out of charging points and give confidence to motorists to make the switch with binding targets for electric vehicle chargers.”

Labour’s plan includes:

  • New charging targets, like carbon budgets to be binding on the government itself, who should assume overall accountability but delegate responsibility – tied to funding – to regional and local.
  • The target will hold government to account and provide long-term signals and direction for public-private investment.
  • Binding targets will give consumers certainty and confidence to switch to ZEVs, and give local areas the support and investment they need to do it.