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City MP backs plans to extend Awaab’s Law cracking down on mould in Portsmouth homes

By 3 February 2024February 5th, 2024No Comments

Stephen Morgan MP has today endorsed plans to fix a loophole in Government plans, compelling landlords in the private rented sector to eradicate mould and household hazards in a strict timeframe.

The current legislation would only apply to social housing landlords – despite data from Citizen’s Advice showing 1.6 million children live in cold, damp or mouldy properties owned by private landlords.

Private landlords would be forced to deal with mould and damp under Labour’s plans to protect 1.6 million children growing up in unfit homes.

The plans, announced by Deputy Leader of the Labour Party Angela Rayner MP will be brought forward as an amendment to the Government’s Private Renters Bill in February.

Mr Morgan said the plans would be welcomed by Portsmouth people who have raised concerns over mould in their rented accommodation in the city.

Residents in Portsmouth have previously exposed a shocking case of mould and damp in many of the flats in privately-owned Windsor House.

Mr Morgan said the extent to which properties were left to degrade through mould and damp demonstrates that much stronger legislation is required to force landlords to ensure their homes are fit for habitation.

Commenting on the plans, Portsmouth South MP Stephen Morgan said:

”There is no justification for letting landlords off the hook for resolving mould and damp issues in their properties.

“Over 28.6% of Portsmouth’s population live in privately rented accommodation, and they deserve assurances that action will be taken against landlords who allow their living conditions to degrade.

“I will be backing this amendment to the Private Renters Bill and urge the Government to see sense and do the same.”

Angela Rayner MP, Labour’s Deputy Leader and Shadow Levelling Up Secretary, said:

“Under this Government, renters are being hit by a triple whammy of spiralling bills, skyrocketing rents and mould-ridden housing. 

“The private rented sector has widespread problems with damp, mould and cold, driven by the poor energy efficiency of privately rented homes. It is a no-brainer to extend Awaab’s Law to the private rented sector and that is exactly what Labour will do. 

“Where the Conservatives have sat on their hands, Labour will stand up for tenants and do what is necessary to establish a fairer, more secure and more affordable private rented sector.”