‘The Time Is Now’ – Portsmouth MP and local activists come together to protect our planet

Portsmouth South MP, Stephen Morgan, has spent time with local climate activists in Westminster as part of the nationwide lobbying effort, The Time Is Now.

The meeting provided people from Portsmouth with the opportunity to discuss their major climate concerns with their local MP and hear about the work being conducted by Mr Morgan in Parliament.

Mr Morgan has said:

This country-wide campaign to keep climate change at the forefront of the Westminster political agenda was an excellent opportunity for local people to have their voice heard by Parliamentarians.

I always relish the opportunity to meet with local activists to discuss the environmental issues that most concern them and explain what work I am doing in Parliament on the matter.

This is undoubtably the most urgent and significant issue faced not just by the UK, but the world. It is essential that politicians reflect this in their work and it is inspiring to see many people take to our streets in to call for more comprehensive action”

Thousands of protestors descended on Westminster as part of The Time Is Now to meet with local MPs. The event culminated in attendees setting off their phone alarms in synchrony to hit the message home that the clock is ticking when it comes to climate change. 

Stephen Morgan MP, since his election, has been advocating for more comprehensive and binding legislative measures when it comes to tackling climate change both locally and nationally. 

Mr Morgan has said:

“Following action from the Labour Party, Parliament voted in favour of declaring a climate change emergency. It is deeply concerning that the Government has still not ratified this and has failed to take action commensurate to the size of the crisis we now face.

I hope that the inspiring direct action demonstrated by Portsmouth activists and others at The Time Is Now helps to prompt the currently complacent and inactive Government into moving forward with implementing climate change legislation. “

Today’s meetings with local activists are part long running support for initiatives that tackle the climate emergency. 

Mr Morgan regularly hosts meetings with organisations such as Friends of the Earth, has submitted a steady stream of written questions on the matter, was part of the Labour Group that declared a climate emergency at local authority level and yesterday pushed the prospective PM, Jeremy Hunt, in his capacity as Foreign Secreatry about what more can be done to bolster international cooperation on tackling climate change.