Portsmouth MP presses prospective PM over Government lack of action on climate change

Portsmouth MP presses prospective PM over Government lack of action when it comes to Climate Change

Ahead of the mass lobby on climate change set to take place this Wednesday, Stephen Morgan MP has pressed a prospective Prime Minister over tackling environmental degradation through international cooperation.

The questions posed to the Secretary of State during Foreign and Commonwealth questions in the House of Commons sought to promote the need for the Government to declare a ‘Climate Change Emergency’ and keep the nation’s most significant matter at the forefront of the Westminster agenda.

Following his appearance in the chamber, Mr Morgan said:

“Climate Change is the most pressing, severe and universally damaging issue faced by the world. The Government are not treating it with proportionate level of care and urgency. 

Labour are leading the charge on tackling this crisis and through an Opposition Day Debate have already managed to push Parliament to vote in favour of declaring a Climate Change Emergency, yet the Government still has not acted.

In Portsmouth, it was the Labour Group taking the reins and getting the council to finally realise the emergency that we are currently in by pioneering the climate change emergency motion.

The commitments that have been made by Government are too little and too reductive, I will continue to push for urgent action.

I was hoping the potential future Prime Minister, responding to me today, may have shown leadership qualities in his response. However, what we got was a refusal to take ownership of the issue and unjustified flattery of his cabinet colleagues. “

In one of the recent meetings with Friends of the Earth, Mr Morgan discussed the issue of offshore plastic waste and the implications that this has for his city, something that he raised separately with the Secretary of State.

Mr Morgan has said:

“Portsmouth, more than most cities, must pay close attention to how we look after our oceans.

We know that Britain does not have the facilities or infrastructure to process large portions of our own plastic waste, but we have a responsibility to ensure that those who can do so with the diligence and respect for the environment.

The ban on plastic exports to China has seen the UK offloading its waste to nations with questionable records on marine pollution meaning that thousands of tons of plastic finds its way into our precious oceans.

This is not acceptable. We must see efforts across all Government departments to take responsibility for our own waste and where it ends up. Ultimately, pollution does not respect borders and Government policy should acknowledge that”.

The Portsmouth MP’s actions in the chamber are a small part of a wider campaign to see UK emissions reduced and greater prominence given to climate change issues in Parliament. 

On the 26 June, Mr Morgan will be joining the many thousands of people descending on Westminster as part of The Time Is Now mass lobby for climate change in a bid provoke a proportionate reaction from the currently complacent Government.