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Stephen Morgan MP joins Guide Dogs’ end of Year event

By 22 December 2023No Comments

Portsmouth MP Stephen Morgan demonstrated his support to improving the lives of people with a vision impairment at an event in Parliament held by the charity Guide Dogs. 

The Guide Dogs event celebrated key campaign successes from 2023, including the requirement that will see the majority of buses fitted with audio-visual announcements, reversing plans to close nearly 1000 railway ticket offices, a new law to tackle problem pavement parking in Scotland, and extra funding for tactile paving on railway stations. All of which will enable people with sight loss to get out and about safely and with confidence.

Mr Morgan spoke with guide dog owners and cane users about the differences these changes will make, but also the many challenges that still need to be tackled to enable people in Portsmouth and across the country with sight loss to travel and live independently.

The city MP spoke with Guide Dogs volunteer and Paralympian Libby Clegg MBE about ticket office closures, pavement parking and e-scooters, and the impact of these on people with sight loss.

Commenting on the event, Portsmouth MP Stephen Morgan said:  

“I was delighted to meet with Guide Dogs again to hear the latest from them on the great work they’re doing in Portsmouth and across the country.

“It is vitally important that barriers for those living with vision impairment are removed and they are able to live their lives to the fullest.

“I look forward to continuing to work with Guide Dogs in 2024 to we make our transport systems and society as whole more accessible to people with sight loss.”

Eleanor Briggs Head of Policy, Public Affairs and Campaigns at Guide Dogs said: 

“People living with vision impairment have the right to feel confident, independent and supported in the world. That’s why the progress we’ve seen in 2023 on audio-visual announcements and extra funding for tactile paving are fantastic steps forward.  

“However, people with sight loss still face barriers to living actively, independently and well. We want MPs to prioritise solutions to these day-to-day challenges, including introducing laws to tackle pavement parking across the country, and to end access refusals against guide dog owners. We hope that 2024 will bring positive changes that will help people with vision impairment live the life they choose.”