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Shadow Schools Minister slams government for rising school energy bills

Stephen Morgan MP raised school leaders’ concerns with Ministers today, during Education questions in the House of Commons, on the impact ‘skyrocketing energy bills’ are having on school budgets.

According to analysis of the latest data by the House of Commons library, average energy prices for schools have nearly doubled, rising by 83% in the first quarter of this year compared to 2020/21 levels.

It comes as the cost of living crisis is increasingly placing pressure on schools’ and families’ budgets, with inflation currently at 9.1%, the highest rate for 40 years.

Meanwhile, government recently announced it would only be raising funding for infant school meals by just 7p per meal.

The Member of Parliament for Portsmouth South and Shadow Schools Minister, Stephen Morgan, said:

“School budgets are already being stretched, but Ministers are still failing to get a grip of the spiralling energy prices threatening our children’s education.

“Average school energy bills have almost doubled compared to last year, with schools spending an estimated £1bn on energy, putting yet more pressure on budgets to even just keep the lights on.

“Despite this, government failed once again today to commit to providing the support schools desperately need.

“Labour would build a Britain where children come first, but the Tories are standing by as Portsmouth children lose out.”