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Passport guidance & FAQ

With thousands of people across the country already having to wait longer than the 10 weeks service timeframe for their passport, I know many constituents will be feeling increasingly frustrated and want the latest information and advice on passport issuing and renewals.

I am continuing to follow-up applications and concerns in Westminster, questioning ministers and urging government to get a grip and clear the backlog as fast as possible.

The Home Office has advised not to book any travel until you’ve received your new passport. Despite the Government creating this huge backlog by failing to plan ahead, the Home Office say they cannot accept any responsibility for any pre-booked travel.

It is also important to note, the Home Office say the 10-week timeframe commences from when they have received all of the required supporting documentation, and not from the date you first submit your application. This includes 2 photos, the correct documents and the appropriate fee.

The Passport Adviceline (0300 222 0000) reportedly remains the best way for constituents to access help with their application, including if you wish to explore any options available to you to get your passport more quickly.

If you have been waiting more than 10 weeks for your passport, HM Passport Office say they will prioritise your case if you can evidence that you are due to travel within the next fortnight. Do not book an appointment for an urgent service if you have already applied, as this creates a duplicate application and may delay the service further.

FAQs –

  • What details do I need to provide when contacting Stephen’s office?

In order for Stephen to progress your case as quick as possible, please make sure you provide your:

    • First name and surname
    • Address
    • PEX code
    • Date of birth
    • Date your application was submitted
    • Date of travel (if applicable)
  • When does the ten weeks start?

Constituents should allow up to ten weeks from the date that any supporting documents requested by HM Passport Office are physically delivered. All time taken after this delivery date, which includes the updating the application tracker, is included within the ten-week timeframe.

  • My application has taken longer than ten weeks. What can I do?

The ten-week timeframe is not guaranteed, as a British passport will only be issued once all checks upon the application have been satisfactorily completed. However, where a UK-based customer has waited more than ten weeks and can evidence that they are due to travel within the next fortnight, HM Passport Office will prioritise their case. Constituents in these circumstances should contact the Passport Adviceline (0300 222 0000).

  • I’ve already applied, but less than ten weeks ago. Is there anything I can do to get my passport more quickly?

If a constituent has already applied, they should not book an appointment for an urgent service. This creates a duplicate application and may mean it takes longer for them to get their passport. Constituents travelling in the next two-weeks should contact the Passport Adviceline (0300 222 0000). If there are any options available to get the passport more quickly, these will be discussed when they call.

  • I need my passport urgently on compassionate grounds. What should I do?

HM Passport Office prioritises people who need a passport urgently on compassionate grounds. These include:

  • The serious illness of the constituent, or because of the death or serious illness of their family member or a friend
  • The constituent’s urgent medical treatment abroad which cannot be delayed, or if they are a carer for someone with urgent medical treatment abroad The constituent should call the Passport Adviceline (0300 222 0000) in these circumstances. They will be asked to provide evidence of their need to travel on compassionate grounds to be able to access this service.