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Portsmouth MP backs campaign for safe social care visits

Stephen Morgan MP is backing a campaign launched by The British Association of Social Workers (BASW) which is calling on the Government to categorise social workers as professional visitors.

The campaign has also called for the government to facilitate regular COVID-19 testing to give social workers access to people in care and health settings that they are there to support and safeguard.

Social workers undertake statutory and non-statutory duties on behalf of local authorities and the NHS including undertaking risk assessments, early intervention, and being a key advocate on behalf of people and families.

If social workers do not have access to people in care and health settings that they are there to protect the human rights of, this could result in needs being missed and the rights of people receiving care being lost.

BASW are also calling for routine tests for designated family members to be introduced to address the concern that the mental wellbeing of care residents is being severely impacted by not being able to see loved ones.

Speaking in support of the campaign, the Member of Parliament for Portsmouth South said:

“The campaign to facilitate regular testing of social workers and loved ones is one rooted in common sense and puts the welfare of those in receipt of residential care at the heart of social policy.

“Social workers in Portsmouth play an integral role in protecting the rights and wellbeing of people who live in care settings, and all measures should be taken to ensure that they have physical access to those in their care.

“People who live in care and health settings in our city need human contact with their loved ones, and we cannot disregard this human need. Instead we should take all measures to make sure this can be carried out safely.”