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Portsmouth Families hit with a whopping £3,500 increase in cost of essentials 

By 31 March 2023No Comments

The day council tax bills go up across the country, Labour has published new analysis showing families in Portsmouth and across Britain face a harsh increase of £3,500 in everyday essentials due to Tory economic mismanagement.

The party are calling on the government to finally bring in a proper windfall tax on oil and gas giants and use it to fund a council tax freeze this year, to help families dealing with the cost of living crisis.

Findings show that since December 2019, the essentials of housing, fuel and power have gone up by £1480; food and non-alcoholic drinks have gone up by £700; clothing and footwear have gone up by £140; household goods and services have gone up by £360; and transport has gone up by £800.

That comes to a total increase of £3,500 on the cost of essentials alone – a price many households won’t be able to afford, forcing them to cut back.

Labour’s local election campaign kicked off yesterday (Thursday) in Swindon with the party pledging to stand with working people by:

  • Freezing council tax for this year, funded by a proper windfall tax on oil and gas giants.
  • Keeping energy bills low for good by insulating 19 million homes.
  • Reversing the Tory decision to hand the richest 1% of pension savers £1 billion in the midst of a cost of living crisis, and instead introduce specific measures to keep doctors in work.
  • Close the non-dom tax loophole, so people who live and work here pay their tax here, and use that money to fund one of the biggest expansions of the NHS workforce in history and Breakfast Clubs at every primary school.

Commenting on the analysis, Portsmouth South MP Stephen Morgan said:

“Portsmouth is fizzing full of potential. But the Conservative Government has broken the economy and working people are paying the price.

“At a time when everyone is struggling with rising food bills and mortgage rates, the Conservatives have given a tax cut to the richest 1%.

“In contrast, Labour would support all working people by freezing council tax and by building a fairer, greener, more dynamic economy that delivers better jobs and living standards.”

Commenting on the analysis, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves said:

“That the most basic household essentials have soared to these levels is a mark of 13 years of Tory failure that have left families worse off, public services on their knees and brilliant British businesses on the brink.

“People will be asking themselves whether they feel better off under the Tories, and the answer will be no.

“The cost of living crisis is still biting hard, and taxes are rising, yet the government chose to use the Budget to hand a £1 billion tax cut to the top 1%.

“Labour will stand up for working people and Build a Better Britain. 

“Our pledge to freeze council tax this year would help ease the cost of living crisis, and our mission to secure the highest sustained growth in the G7 will make families across every part of our country better off.”

Mr Morgan will continue to raise these concerns in Westminster while continuing to support local initiatives that address the cost of living crisis in Portsmouth.