‘We cannot allow Colosseum Dental to continue to run roughshod over oral health in Portsmouth’ says City MP

Portsea Dental practice will be joining Paulsgrove in closing early following yet more irresponsible decision making by the Swiss-investment firm owned, Colosseum Dental. 

Portsmouth South MP Stephen Morgan has been taking a number of actions in response to concerns over not one, not two, but three dental practices set to close in the city later this month. 

Actions have included raising the issue with Ministers in the House of Commons, lobbying the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, calling a summit of NHS England’s regional team, writing to their Chief Executive and meeting with the British Dental Association, the representative body for the nation’s dentists.

On hearing reports that the Portsea practice based at the John Pounds Centre may close before the end of the date agreed with the private company, risking leaving Portsmouth patients in the lurch, StephenMorgan MP said:

“I am deeply concerned that Colosseum Dental are planning to shut their doors earlier than agreed, a move that blatantly disregards their contractual obligations. The fact that they did not even bother to notify NHS England demonstrates their disregard for public safety, Portsmouth people and the law.

We cannot allow these private organisations to make a mockery of our NHS. If they have broken their contract they must face punitive measures. Colosseum Dental claim they are the third largest chain of dental practices in the UK, with 80 clinics spanning 19 counties.

They might publicly boast about being the fastest growing dental group in Europe, but there is nothing for them to boast about when they are letting down the people of Portsmouth. We must hit them where it hurts.

I have written to NHS England to ask them to withhold payments and take severe action.”

NHS England, who contract these services locally, were not told by Colosseum Dental that this premature closure was taking place.

Following a summit where the Portsmouth South MP demanded action he has been told the health commissioners have contacted the provider but had no response. NHS England has called this “unsatisfactory”.

The news follows a summit organised by Mr Morgan and NHS England last week and a meeting hosted in Parliament with the British Dental Association.