Views invited on responding to EU referendum to ensure city prospers 

Cllr Stephen Morgan is seeking views from local businesses, voluntary organisations and other local partners

In an open letter Cllr Stephen Morgan, Charles Dickens ward councillor and Deputy Leader of the Labour Group, invites views on how best the city of Portsmouth can respond to the recent EU referendum. 
With the people of the United Kingdom having voted in the recent referendum to leave the European Union (EU), the new national government has made it clear they want to negotiate the best deal for the UK as we leave the EU and forge a new role for ourselves on the world stage. Detailed negotiations are expected in the months and years ahead, led by Westminster.
In response Cllr Morgan has invited local businesses, voluntary groups and other local partners across his ward to share their views in support of the city’s economy and job creation.
In the letter, Cllr Morgan writes:
“Whatever the future holds, it is important that locally we all work together in Portsmouth to make sure that our great city prospers.  
I want, and am committed to working with local businesses, voluntary organisations and the wider public sector to help our city grow, create new jobs and secure much needed investment so that our economy benefits everyone, not just the few.
As your ward councillor, your views are important to me. Brexit is such an important issue for all of us; I am keen to understand your views so that I can reflect them within the city council and beyond”.

Cllr Morgan is also inviting views on how the referendum’s outcome may affect local companies or organisations.
He added:
“I am particularly keen to hear about any immediate issues or opportunities that you would want to make me aware of. Please get in touch”.