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Trade union work in Portsmouth recognised

As part of ‘Heartunions week’ (8-14 February 2017) Portsmouth Labour took the opportunity to recognise the hard work done by union representatives in the workplace across our city and celebrate the unions’ contribution to Portsmouth. 

Following the Tory administration’s decision to cut funding to support city council employees via the unions, Portsmouth’s Labour Group called on the council at its budget meeting on 14 February to agree proposals brought forward by local unions.

These included changing the way they work to help bring about more realistic savings and protect important services.

Cllr Stephen Morgan in the budget debate said:


The heartunions stall in Guildhall Square run by union representatives

“At a time when we need the trade unions more than ever, this administration is cutting the support they provide to employees.

In December we were the only political group arguing for trade union facility time to stay the same.

I said it then, and I will say it again.  This is nothing more than an ideological attack on the trade union movement. These proposals will end up costing this authority more.

For this reason, we have continued to actively engage the unions which represent the city’s workforce at this council.

Therefore their proposals for change are our proposals before you today”.

Frank Minal of GMB said: 

“I thank the Labour Group on the council for fighting on behalf of employees across our city to help get this bad decision by the administration reversed.

We know from other areas the approach the council has agreed won’t work. We’ll continue our campaign so all staff in our city are given the support they need”.

Cllr Morgan added:

“Like thousands of council employees who rely on their support, in this week of recognition for their work, we remind ourselves we love the trade unions”.

For more information about trade unions and the ‘heartunions’ initiative visit http://heartunions.org/