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No Prime Minister can be a lawmaker and lawbreaker

In recent days, the Sue Gray report looking into the events that took place in Downing Street during Coronavirus restrictions, has been published.
As a result of its damning findings, Tory MPs must now do the right thing and withdraw their support to the Prime Minister.
The report’s contents are shocking, detailing serious failures of leadership that led to multiple examples of unacceptable behaviour, at several events. It confirmed that the most senior leaders in government attended these events and that “any should not have been allowed to happen.”
The details are stark. Five months ago the Prime Minister told Parliament that “all guidance was followed completely in No. 10.”
Yet we now know he attended numerous events, at least one of which the police have handed out fines for, deeming it illegal. We know that just before Mr Johnson cancelled Christmas for millions of people an event was held in Downing Street in which staff drank “excessively”, which others in the building described as a “party”, and that cleaners were left to mop up red wine the next day.
People in Portsmouth were unable to attend the funerals of family members, went months without seeing loved ones and had their lives turned upside down by the pandemic restrictions. It is hard to read the report without concluding that the government treated these immense sacrifices with utter contempt.
As our city feels the crippling effects of the cost of living crisis, Portsmouth’s families need to know that they have a government that is on their side, entirely focused on what people need.
Sue Gray’s report lays bare the rot that has infected 10 Downing Street under this Prime Minister. The buck must stop with him. That’s why it’s time for Mr Johnson to pack his bags.
Only then can the government function again. Only then can the rot be carved out. Only then can we restore the dignity of that great office, and the democracy it represents.

Stephen Morgan MP