Tackling antisemitism

“It was important to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Jewish community last month as I did in Parliament Square, joining dozens of other Labour MPs as we and countless others, gathered to voice dismay at the rise of antisemitism that has sadly gained root in the party and in wider society.
The call that evening was ‘enough is enough’. The harrowing testimonies of abuse suffered by Jewish Members of Parliament in the House earlier this week served as an important reminder of just how urgent this call is.
I was deeply moved by their bravery and fortitude as I listened to the debate in the chamber, but following that discussion, it is vital that we are now moved to action.
I am determined that my party, both locally and nationally, be a place to fight antisemitism alongside British Jews – and never a refuge for those who seek to intimidate them – for I joined Labour to fight prejudice and discrimination and promote equality and diversity.
Yet the fight against antisemitism is not one for Britain’s Jews to fight alone: it is all of ours.
Portsmouth has one of the oldest Jewish communities in our country, and I am proud of that fact. This week, I visited my local synagogue to meet the community and reiterate my commitment in standing alongside our city’s Jewish community in tackling antisemitism and offering my personal support in increasing understanding in our city.
Labour must regain the trust of the Jewish community and its leadership; if we don’t we will have failed to defend the anti-racist values we seek to uphold.
I will continue to take action here in Portsmouth, and as our city’s representative in Parliament, won’t rest until we rid antisemitism from our society”.
Stephen Morgan MP, Member of Parliament for Portsmouth South