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Stephen Morgan MP votes to make the Environment Bill fit for purpose

Stephen Morgan MP has voted to tackle the climate emergency, improve air quality, clean the country’s waters, protect its bees and pollinators and for a strong and powerful Office of Environmental Protection, as the Environment Bill returned to the House of Commons today.

A climate emergency has been declared in Portsmouth and more widely, wildlife in Britain is on a downward spiral with 44% of species in decline over the last ten years.

Labour has accused Ministers of ‘dither and delay’ in recent months and with COP26 approaching, the Environment Bill remains ‘unfit for purpose’. The Official Opposition argues the interim Office for Environmental Protection ‘lacks independence, an assurance of adequate resource, or the power to fine.’

The party has also said Ministers are doing all they can to resist concrete protections, leaving our environment as a bargaining chip for new trade agreements that would undercut Britain’s environmental standards.

The Portsmouth representative has vowed to vote for a range of amendments that would strengthen the Bill and take the steps necessary to preserve the planet and protect Portsmouth’s environment.

This includes a change to the Bill that has cross-party support which would ensure “world leading protection” for waterways across the country, according to charity Surfers Against Sewage, including those linked to Langstone Harbour.

Portsmouth South’s Stephen Morgan MP, said:

“We have waited many months for this Environment Bill, whilst our waters are ever more polluted, our air is ever dirtier, and our planet moves closer and closer to disaster.

The Conservatives have shown little energy or enthusiasm for making this Bill fit for purpose and that is why it has taken almost two years – and our departure from the European Union – to just get to this stage.

It is clear from the views of local people and campaign groups in Portsmouth that real leadership is required and the Conservatives in government have been found wanting.

Labour under Keir Starmer will take the bold, ambitious and long overdue steps necessary to preserve our planet and protect our environment”.