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Portsmouth MP demands government action to tackle violence against women, as local White Ribbon campaign launches

Stephen Morgan MP has demanded in the House of Commons today that the government takes further action to tackle violence against women and girls, as local ‘White Ribbon’ campaign launches this week.

The Portsmouth MP asked the Attorney General what specific action he was taking to ensure the recent spike in domestic abuse cases do not face the same fate in the number cases for rape that do not lead to prosecution.

It comes as this week the local White Ribbon campaign was launched by local community activists Charlotte Gerada and Kirsty Mellor, urging Portsmouth City Council to get behind its pledge to end male violence against women and have the mission for all men to never commit, excuse or remain silent about such crimes on women.

The Member of Parliament for Portsmouth South, Stephen Morgan, said,

“The tragic case of Sarah Everard has caused a public outcry against the continued and rising cases of violence and against women and girls.

“This behaviour, usually men’s, has no place in society and this must now be a turning point to see an end to this awful abuse and behaviour women are subjected to daily.

“I am proud to support the local White Ribbon campaign launched this week here in Portsmouth and thank Charlotte Gerada and Kirsty Mellor for their tireless efforts on this issue.

“I expect Portsmouth City Council to do the right thing now and adopt its pledge in full.”

The MP used the opportunity to mention the initiative in the House of Commons today during departmental questions to the Attorney General.

The Portsmouth South representative asked the Government to ensure cases related to domestic abuse and violence against women are properly heard and given due process, in light of the Crown Court backlog now at an all-time record high of more than 56,000 cases.

Meanwhile, victims of crime are being asked to wait up to 4 years to get to court and many victims and witnesses are dropping entirely because of delays, risking violent criminals being spared prison because of this.

Mr Morgan previously joined Portsmouth Abuse and Rape Counselling Service’s (PARCS) campaign to ‘shrink the elephant’, that aims to raise awareness of issues surrounding sexual abuse and challenge cultural norms that perpetuate abuse.