Portsmouth MP and All Call Signs join forces to lobby coroners in bid to break deadlock over recording of veteran suicide

Portsmouth MP pens joint letter with city-based organisation All Call Signs to 98 coroners in bid to break deadlock over Government recording of veteran suicide

In his latest action on the matter, Local MP, Stephen Morgan is lobbying all coroners across the country requesting their expert opinion on how to progress with the recording of veteran suicide.

The need to record this data is unprecedented, some estimates suggest that 1 veteran every 5 days takes their own life, without a quantifiable record it could be much higher.

Mr Morgan has said:

“The response that I have had from the Prime Minister and the Government Minister responsible has been the same when I have asked them to implement the recording of this data, that coroners are ‘fiercely independent’ and the Governmernt cannot force them to note suicide in the veteran community.

Our armed forces personnel deserve better than for us to crumble at the first hurdle. They show untold resilience every day, the least we can do is push on this.

I along with All Call Signs will not be taking no for an answer. If the Government has said coroners are the obstacle, we will get to the root of the problem and see how it can be overcome it.”

The joint letter, sent out to all coroners across the UK, has asked for feedback on what barriers stand in the way of introducing this small change. Mr Morgan has said that he is keen to get coroners views on what beginning to record veteran suicide would mean, what barriers stand in their way and generally the implications of these changes for their profession.

Mr Morgan said:

“The goal here could not be simpler, get coroners on board with this small change that would have hugely positive effects for our armed forces community. There is wide spread support for this policy, from grassroots veteran organisations to the former head of the armed forces, it is undeniable that these changes would pave the way for better public services for our armed forces.  

Westminster can sometimes be a place where a lot is said and not a lot done. I want to make sure that when dealing with a case of such gravity, we see actions not words. I hope that this introductory letter to coroners is the start of a partnership that cracks the code when it comes to seeing these changes on the ground.”

Mr Morgan, along with All Call Signs, The News and other local campaigners have been making attempts to get these changes enforced for some time.

The Portsmouth MP has written to the Prime Minister several times, written to the Defence Secretary, asked the PM directly in PMQs, hosted a Westminster Hall debate and submitted countless written questions.