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Mr Johnson’s resignation: City MP responds

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s resignation, Portsmouth South MP Stephen Morgan said:

“The Prime Minister’s resignation should put an end to this embarrassing and damaging government.

“For too long we have had a government in service of one man’s ego at great cost to our country. It should never be forgotten that too many Conservatives, including local MPs, repeatedly propped up this Prime Minister and refused to have the courage to get rid of him.

“We don’t just need a change of Prime Minister, we need a change of government. I am eager for an opportunity to make Labour’s case to the country.”

Following the Prime Minister’s statement this afternoon, the city MP added:

“The Prime Minister’s tone deaf statement to the country is another reminder that he is incapable of leading. He must go and go now.

“He cannot be allowed to cling on for months and further distort the important business of government toward his own ego.

“If he doesn’t, the Labour Party will take responsibility and bring a vote of no confidence in the national interest.”