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MP praises Portsmouth Scouting on Founder’s Day

Portsmouth South MP Stephen Morgan has praised the Scouting movement on the birthday of Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting.
Former Scout and City MP has marked Founders Day by thanking the Scouting movement that has supported young people for over a hundred years. Stephen Morgan MP has joined the worldwide celebration on February 22.
With over 460,000 young people aged 6-25 enjoying fun and adventure each week, Stephen Morgan MP has thanked the movement for developing the skills they need to succeed, both now and in the future.
Stephen feels proud that last year in Portsmouth South alone over 327 young people took part in Scouting and were encouraged to ‘do more, learn more and be more’.
Commending the Scouting movement for promoting teamwork, leadership and resilience Stephen has praised the skills that have helped Scouts become everything from teachers and social workers to astronauts and Olympians.
Citing a 2018 report that says Scouts are 17% more likely to show leadership skills and work well in teams Stephen has thanked local volunteers for their work in helping young people to develop and improve key life skills.
Stephen Morgan MP said:
“On Founders Day it is an absolute pleasure to join Matt Hyde, Chief Executive of The Scouts in thanking all the volunteers who make Scouting possible here in Portsmouth South.
Scouting promotes diversity and creates stronger communities and we are lucky to have such a strong team of volunteers working here in our great city to inspire positive futures for our young people.
As a former scout I have experienced first-hand how the movement can bring people together. They develop character skills like resilience, initiative and tenacity; employability skills such as leadership, teamwork and problem solving; and practical skills like cooking and first aid. Scouts are a third more likely to support their communities too.
None of this would be possible without the generosity and commitment of our adult volunteers. Together, 160,000 adults across the UK supported 460,000 young people to gain these skills for life.
Research proves that being in the Scouts makes a lasting difference to young people’s lives. I welcome this opportunity to thank you all the volunteers for their time and commitment in making this possible.”