Local MP sponsors Cancer Research event as part of Awareness Roadshow

Today in Parliament the Portsmouth South representative assisted Cancer Research by sponsoring their Cancer Awareness event.

The experience, attended by over 100 MPs, sought to highlight the different ways we can combat cancer and gave attendees the opportunity to discuss data on their own constituencies. 

Stephen Morgan MP said:

“We know that 1 in 2 people will get cancer in their lifetime. It is essential that we disseminate the information necessary to help fight back against this deadly disease. 

Events such as this help make people aware of the lifestyle changes they can make straight away so that together we can prevent more cancer cases.”

The event was part of the Cancer Awareness Roadshow and featured a number of interactive exercises that allowed attendees to learn about prevention, diagnosis and improving cancer treatments.

The MP added:

“There is work to do in our city, smoking rates and child hood obesity are above the national average and we can do better when comes to early diagnosis. 

I hope that by working with dedicated organisations such as Cancer Research UK, we can set the cogs in motion for improving cancer prevention, treatment and diagnosis in our city”.

The event, sponsored by Mr Morgan, forms part of a nationwide campaign and Awareness Roadshow undertaken by the charity.

Today nurses spoke to people about risks, signs and symptoms but there are many parallel events such as Race for Life, street stalls and health assessments going on around the nation.

Mr Morgan is committed to continued cooperation with Cancer Research and other organisations to help combat the deadly disease.