Legacy of last Labour Government unfolds before city’s eyes as HMS Prince of Wales comes home to Portsmouth

Stephen Morgan spent time with many hundreds of fellow Portsmouth people today watching HMS Prince of Wales dock in its new home for the first time.

The 65,000 tonne HMS Prince of Wales, commissioned by the Labour Government in 1998, will call Portsmouth home following its journey down from Roysth in Scotland.

Stephen Morgan, who visited the ship while under construction twice in welcoming the new aircraft carrier, the latest edition to the Royal Navy fleet.

Stephen said:

“Today, we had the opportunity to witness the legacy of the last time we had a Government that cared about our armed forces.
HMS Prince of Wales is not just vital to our national security and ability to respond to humanitarian crisis’, it has generated thousands of jobs and been of great economic significance to this nation.

I had the privilege of seeing her under construction as Member of Parliament for Portsmouth South twice in Rosyth, attending her naming, and seeing her dock in Portsmouth has instilled in me a massive sense of pride in the city where I grew up. Portsmouth truly is the heart and home of the Royal Navy”

Resulting from the Labour introduced carrier strike, the UK industry is set to benefit from a 15% build share of the jets—£13 billion to British companies. We also know that UK shipbuilding employs 23,000 people and contributes £1.7 billion a year to the UK economy.

Stephen Morgan said:

“We are at a critically important time for the United Kingdom, our allies, our place in the world and our nation’s defence and security yet since 2010 we have seen deep cuts with the MoD’s budget falling by nearly £10bn in real terms.

I have always been clear that the state has no higher duty than the protection of our citizens and the maintenance of national security. That is why I am proud that HMS Prince of Wales, and her sister ship HMS Queen Elizabeth, were the brainchild of a Labour Government and a legacy of the last time we had a Government serious about our Royal Navy.

Increased maritime capability, endless new job prospects, a boom for Portsmouth’s economy. This is what happens when Labour are in power.
Investment in Portsmouth’s naval future to make it as impressive as it’s history should not stop here. That is why I have been relentlessly lobbying for investment in a dry dock facility in our naval base which would bring in over 100 new jobs and be worth £1bn to our economy.

The Government now need to listen. It’s the right thing for Portsmouth and the right thing for the Royal Navy. I will keep working hard to make it happen”

Stephen has a strong record of delivery when it comes to standing up for Portsmouth and the Royal Navy. Demanding a dry dock facility during PMQs and written questions, meeting the procurement Minister to lobby for the city, meeting troops across the country, applying pressure over substandard military homes, standing up for veterans and hosting debates on armed forces welfare. These are just some of the actions he has taken, he has pledged to do more, but will need your help in doing so.