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Covid-19: “My message to everyone in our city is simple. Stay home. Save lives”

Responding to the Government’s announcement tonight (Thursday 16 April 2020) on the extension of the’ lock down’ for at least another three weeks, Portsmouth South’s Stephen Morgan MP said:

“Portsmouth people have shown tremendous resolve by staying home to protect the NHS and to save lives. It is absolutely the right decision for the lock down to be extended today for a further three weeks.

The silent pressure on families and communities cannot be underestimated. To maintain hope, the government must be very clear with the British public what we can expect next. Across the country people are making huge sacrifices.

Many will be struggling with their health and mental health, heightened concerns about making ends meet, or extended periods of separation from their loved ones.

Ministers must now start setting out the position on how restrictions can be eased at the appropriate time, and the strategy for widespread community testing, contact tracing, or a national vaccine programme.

It is vital that the government takes the public with them to ensure hope is not lost. I will continue to work constructively with Ministers to protect Portsmouth people at this unprecedented time.

For now, my message to everyone in our city is simple. Stay home. Save lives”.