City schools deserve better from government

The government’s new schools funding formula will hit areas in greatest need the hardest. So Portsmouth Labour is calling for a rethink.
National research by the teachers unions suggests that 98% of schools are set to lose out as a result of the Conservatives’ new funding plans.
Cllr Stephen Morgan, Portsmouth’s Labour Leader said:
“Head teachers are already speaking of the impossible job they have to balance the books and offer the best education for all children. Yet there is a risk that the worst is still to come”. 
Schools all over the country are already running into trouble – even before these damaging proposals have been introduced.
A recent report from the Education Policy Institute predicts that, for all the government’s spin about gains, every school in England will face real-terms funding cuts within a couple of years. Half will face cuts of up to 11% per pupil. This is simply horrific.
Unless Ministers allocate more money, schools and academies will see cuts rise to £3 billion a year in real terms by 2020.
Portsmouth Labour calls on the government to take immediate action. They must inject much needed money into an already overstretched system. It’s the only way to protect our children’s education. 

Research has found that further cuts to funding will lead to bigger classes, fewer staff, and fewer extra-curricular activities and resources.
At the same time, councils have said that cuts could leave local authorities unable to meet legal obligations to schools – from checking staff for criminal records, to making sure buildings are free of asbestos.
Cllr Morgan said:
“The city council’s own response to the government’s consultation proposals is clear. It identifies that under current proposals by Ministers, primary schools in the most deprived areas of Portsmouth would see a reduction in government funding”. 
The biggest losers, identified by Portsmouth City Council, would be Arundel Court Primary, The Flying Bull Academy, Ark Ayrton Primary and Ark Dickens Primary in the heart of our city. 
Cllr Morgan added:
“At a time when these schools are working so hard to improve the life chances of all pupils in challenging circumstances, this is a kick in the teeth by government to dedicated teachers and staff. 
Our schools are investing in the future of children by giving them the best possible education. It’s time for the government to better invest in our city’s schools”.
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