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City MP welcomes developers consulting on the future of Knight & Lee building

Following correspondence stretching over a 4-week period, the Portsmouth MP has received assurances from THAT Group that the future of the Knight & Lee building will be in line with the interests of the people of Portsmouth.

THAT Group has confirmed that the building will be home to bespoke office space, retail opportunities and a food and beverage hub.

On the matter, Mr Morgan stated:

“I welcome the news from THAT Group expressing that they have taken on board my letter sent to them last month urging them to consider the impact of the closure on Portsmouth.

Their proposals for the building, at this stage, take into account the vital role the store plays in Southsea”

The Portsmouth MP has organised a meeting with the CEO of THAT Group and the senior management team next week.

On the meeting, Mr Morgan has said:

“I will be meeting THAT Group next week and seeking assurances that the heart of Southsea will remain intact and that the ideas and concerns relayed to me by constituents are shared”

THAT Group have agreed to consult the local community and have issued a newsletter invitation to 2,500 surrounding homes and businesses.

The newsletter supplies information on the proposals for the building and invites constituents to attend a public exhibition on Monday 25 February 2019 at Southsea Library between 16:00 and 19:45.

Mr Morgan has said:

“Following my letter, I am pleased that they are now consulting the local community.

Engaging with the people who will be most affected by these changes is essential to making sure Southsea’s vibrant, diverse high street continues to function to a high standard.”

Mr Morgan encourages local people to have their say and to attend the meeting on 25 February 2019.