City MP reviews progress on second carrier

Today Stephen Morgan MP visited Rosyth in Scotland to review progress made on the building of the second carrier in the Queen Elizabeth class carriers.
The visit, hosted by the Royal Navy and the Carrier Alliance, saw Members of Parliament from the Public Accounts Committee receive presentations on the programme and a tour of the carrier as fit out continues.
HMS Prince of Wales and the Queen Elizabeth before her, continue a long tradition of British aircraft carrier innovation.
They are the first carriers to be designed specifically for fifth-generation fast jets, and they are the first to pioneer the twin island concept that facilitates safe and efficient air operations with an enviable sortie rate.
When HMS Prince of Wales enters service, she will join an existing fleet of some of the world’s most modern and advanced warships – Asute submarines, Daring-class destroyers, Tide-class tankers – and she will await the introduction of the City-class Type 26 frigates and the Dreadnought ballistic missile submarines.
Together, HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales will ensure the Royal Navy has one carrier available for operations at all times.
On the Public Accounts Committee Stephen has been focusing on holding the government to account to ensure carrier strike is delivered on budget, on time, and achieves value for money. A number of hearings in the House of Commons have taken place with members quizzing the Government’s top civil servants and military personnel.
Stephen Morgan, Member of Parliament for Portsmouth South, said:
As a maritime nation, carrier strike and particularly the new aircraft carriers are not only essential for the UK’s future security but also our great city’s prosperity.
I congratulate all those in Portsmouth, Rosyth and across our country for their part in developing this strategic asset for our nation.
Through skill and expertise, the Queen Elizabeth class carriers represent the very best of the UK’s industrial and engineering ability.
It was hugely helpful to head up to Rosyth today to see progress being made ahead of first entry into Portsmouth Harbour late next year”.