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City MP reveals crime is up by 47% and weapons 163% in Portsmouth since 2015

By 23 May 2024May 25th, 2024No Comments

Stephen Morgan MP has today revealed new figures showing that the number of crime and weapon offences in Portsmouth has increased by 47% and 163% respectively since 2015/16.

Under the Tories, 90% of crimes are going unsolved and 10,000 neighbourhood police and PCSOs have been take off our streets since 2015.

Knife crime has soared under the Tory Government, going up 80% since 2015 and, despite pledging 16 times to outlaw dangerous knives, too little has happened.

Ninja swords, machetes and samurai swords are all too often found in our communities. Just last week, the Tories voted against proposals put forward by the Labour Party to ban ninja swords, which have been used to kill on our streets.

Mr Morgan backs Labour’s plan to rebuild security in Portsmouth and on Britain’s streets – with a mission to halve serious violence, including knife crime, and rebuild confidence in policing and the criminal justice system.

Labour will guarantee town centre patrols by putting 13,000 more neighbourhood police and PCSOs on the beat, with a named officer for every community that people can get in touch with, to ensure a swift response to crime.

Labour has also proposed a new major youth programme – Young Futures – to help prevent violent crime from taking place in the first place and give teenagers the best start in life, with new youth hubs, containing mental health staff and youth workers to tackle the crisis in mental health, giving teenagers the support they need and prevent further violent crime.

Commenting, Portsmouth South MP Stephen Morgan said:

“These figures reveal the total failure of the Tories on law and order, with families and communities in Portsmouth paying the price. More criminals are being let off and more victims are being let down.

“And for those who repeatedly cause trouble in their community or are found carrying weapons, there needs to be stronger interventions and clear consequences to stop their behaviour from escalating and to keep other people safe.

“Enough is enough. Britain cannot afford more of this damaging decline from the Conservatives. Labour will restore the rule of law on Britain’s streets and in our communities and take urgent action to keep people safe from violent crime.”

Making Portsmouth’s Streets safe again is one of Mr Morgan’s key priorities. He has taken a range of actions to act on community concerns, including hosting a Cuppa and Chat on tackling anti-social behaviour; campaigning for tougher action against shoplifting; and calling on the Government on the floor of the House of Commons to put more bobbies back on the beat.