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The PM is running scared of the people

Responding to news that Government will ‘prorogue’ Parliament, and following the signing of a cross-party ‘Church House’ declaration yesterday, Portsmouth South MP Stephen Morgan said: “The current Prime Minister’s reckless attempt to use Her Majesty The Queen to centralise power in his own hands is an insult to our great democracy. We know a No […]


City MP hails ‘justice for leaseholders’ with new plans to cap excessive property fees

Stephen Morgan MP this week backed new plans to bring justice to constituents affected by the leasehold scandal. A Labour report released this week includes proposals to cap unfair costs such as ground rents, investigate misselling and save local leaseholders thousands of pounds. Leasehold ownership, most commonly found in flats, means purchasing a home for the duration of a […]

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“Cycling should be for the many, not the brave” – City MP urges Transport Minister to visit Portsmouth

Local MP, Stephen Morgan, has used a Westminster Hall debate he co-sponsored on Active Travel as an opportunity to invite the Government Minister responsible to Portsmouth to help the city fulfil its ambitions in active travel.  In a bid to highlight the current obstacles faced by local cycling and walking infrastructure projects in the city […]


‘We cannot allow Colosseum Dental to continue to run roughshod over oral health in Portsmouth’ says City MP

Portsea Dental practice will be joining Paulsgrove in closing early following yet more irresponsible decision making by the Swiss-investment firm owned, Colosseum Dental.  Portsmouth South MP Stephen Morgan has been taking a number of actions in response to concerns over not one, not two, but three dental practices set to close in the city later this month.  […]


Portsmouth MP hits out at Government to do more when it comes to Armed Forces accommodation

Through his role in the Public Accounts Committee and regular visits to military bases and discussions with armed forces personnel, Stephen Morgan gets an insight into both Government action on military accommodation and the perception held by our troops on the ground. The Portsmouth MP has visited military accommodation from Portsmouth to Gibraltar and has […]


MP vows to act over ‘quiet crisis’ in NHS dentistry

Following the announcement that three dental practices are closing in his city, Stephen Morgan MP has hosted a roundtable factfinding meeting with the Chair of the British Dental Association and regional representatives in Parliament. The BDA, who are the professional body and trade union representing dentists across the UK, relayed their expert opinion on the […]