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Local actions

As an active local campaigner, Stephen Morgan works all year round, taking actions across our communities. This interactive map shows some of those actions and where he’s going next.

  • The Thatched House Milton

  • 12 September 2021

  • 5pm - 6pm

  • Pint with your MP

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2 hours ago
The @StopAquind grassroots team have been campaigning relentlessly raising awareness of the disastrous plans, pounding the streets of #stPortsmouth, setting up street stalls and getting local businesses on board. Pleasure to say thank you to volunteers tonight ♥️ https://t.co/P5zGzeHLV8 StephenMorganMP photo
5 hours ago
This week I submitted my @StopAquind petition to Parliament. Today I've written to the Business Secretary to cover some of the points parliamentary procedure wouldn't allow. Tory Ministers must now what is right and #StopAQUIND https://t.co/vu0geZwHie StephenMorganMP photo
6 hours ago
Urbond Community bring people from all backgrounds together to build a better city. I’m so proud of the team and to have supported them on the journey they’ve been on in helping others. Pleasure to visit @urbond’s new home today and celebrate a bright future ahead https://t.co/EUInSivpZ8 StephenMorganMP photo
11 hours ago
So important to me to talk with our city’s future generation about their hopes and dreams for our country. Today I visited @PortsmouthColl to hear the views and ideas of young people. Thanks for having me! https://t.co/t0DbaB8Tts StephenMorganMP photo
15 hours ago
The fairest way to pay for social care is through progressive taxation, not a rise in national insurance that is morally and economically backward. My latest ‘Off the Fence’ for @portsmouthnews👇🏻
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