Protecting Portsmouth from a no-deal Brexit

Soaring food prices according to The Bank of England. Medicine and staff shortages potentially leading to deaths. Turning our city into a congested lorry park. These are the consequences of a no-deal Brexit for Portsmouth people. 

Stephen campaigned and voted to remain. Since his election, Stephen has been doing everything he can to stop this catastrophic outcome and remains unwavering in his commitment to stop a no-deal.

So far, Stephen has:

  • Met with Theresa May MP to voice his concerns over no-deal
  • Written 8 times to 3 separate Government departments highlighting fears for Portsmouth International Port
  • Met with The Chamber of Commerce to gather intelligence on potential perils of no-deal
  • Brought the Shadow Brexit Secretary, Sir Kier Starmer to Portsmouth
  • Voted consistently to stop no-deal in Parliament
  • Written to the Government Minister responsible asking for reimbursement for the £4 m Portsmouth City Council has payed in preparations
  • Joined other MPs in signing the Church House Declaration
  • Met with People’s Vote, Best for Britain, Labour for a Public Vote and MPs from across parties
  • Slammed the Prime Minister over no-deal Brexit implications for NHS services in Portsmouth
  • Regularly meets with local campaign groups and local residents

Stephen said:

“Portsmouth people will suffer if we crash out with no-deal and I will not stand idly by and let the Government gamble with our city’s future. I committed to working cross-party and across Parliament to safeguard our city and our nation from a catastrophic no-deal.”

Stephen’s works goes on when it comes to campaigning against no-deal and backing a final say. Each day he has built partnerships, lobbies Government and worked with other MPs to stop this most harmful of threats.

If you want to know more about what he doing, get in touch here.