Residents share concerns about future of United Footwear site


Proposed view of new development on Fratton Road

Residents in Charles Dickens ward have shared concerns about the proposed development of the United Footwear (old Troxy Cinema) site on Fratton Road ahead of plans by developers to be submitted to the city council later this year.
In the submission to the developer’s consultants, residents have stated:
“We wish to make known our very real concerns regarding the proposed new development.  The concern is not with the development itself but with the parking issues. We are all led to believe that there will be no inclusion for parking spaces… It is very naive for the council to assume they will all use buses!”
The submission adds: “When will the council listen to our views? We have to live here, they need to sort the problems out”.

Proposed development in context with surrounding area

Stephen Morgan also added:
“The proposed development could help bring much needed housing to the area. But a development scheme of this size requires careful and considerate planning.
I will continue to liaise with residents and local businesses so that the developers and council hear the views of local people and take on board concerns for the benefit of everyone”.
A planning application is expected to be submitted to Portsmouth City Council in June 2016.