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Portsmouth MP throws weight behind local knife crime crackdown

Stephen Morgan MP has backed Hampshire Constabulary’s participation in Operation Sceptre, a weeklong initiative to tackle knife crime running until Sunday, May 22.

Hampshire and the Isle of Wight is part of 43 forces (England and Wales) and the British Transport Police who will take part in the efforts to crack down on knife crime and violence.

The week of action is an intensification of work that takes place across the county day in day out to tackle knife crime. It will provide an opportunity for local police to focus on the different strands of education, engagement, prevention and enforcement, all of which are important to reduce knife crime.

Engaging with retailers, youth groups and charities will be a crucial part of the week, with police targeting the root causes of knife crime, using early intervention to stop those intent on carrying a knife.

The Police will continue to work closely with young people to further understand the reasons why individuals carry knives and to educate them around the dangers and illegality of carrying one.

The overall aim of the week will be to highlight that there are no positives to carrying a knife.

The Member of Parliament for Portsmouth South, Stephen Morgan, said:

“The costs of knife crime to our communities are far too great. Nobody should feel unsafe to go about their daily lives in the city they live, day or night.

“That’s why I fully support Hampshire Constabulary’s participation in Operation Sceptre, to tackle both the causes and impacts of knife crime in Portsmouth.

“It’s vital our local police work alongside community groups and businesses so that we can all feel safe and secure. I look forward to learning the outcomes of this week’s efforts in my next regular meeting with the Chief Constable.”

If you are aware of anyone who carries a knife or have concerns that someone you know may carry a knife, report it to police or call crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

The City MP recently joined a night patrol to gain new insights about the specific challenges and issues the area is facing to public safety.

Mr Morgan has backed Labour’s plan to tackle community crime, which includes:

  • New Police Hubs in crime and antisocial behaviour hotspots across the country to get the police back out into the community
  • Neighbourhood Prevention Teams bringing together police and local councils and youth services to tackle antisocial behaviour that is blighting communities
  • Stronger powers for police and local councils to shut down drug dens, and to keep them closed for longer
  • A major recruitment drive to increase the number of special constables
  • Giving victims of persistent antisocial behaviour the same entitlements including access to support services as other victims of crime

The Portsmouth MP has reaffirmed making the city safer a ‘top priority’, after launching a city-wide survey to better understand local views and challenges for antisocial behaviour and public safety in Portsmouth.

You can complete the survey via the link on his website: https://www.stephenmorgan.org.uk/have-your-say-crime-and-safety-in-portsmouth/