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Portsmouth MP pays tribute to local Falklands war veterans on 39th anniversary of its end

Stephen Morgan MP has paid tribute to local Falklands war veterans in Portsmouth today on the 39th anniversary of its end.

A total of 255 British servicemen and three female civilians were killed liberating the Falklands. 649 Argentines were also killed.

Portsmouth played a key role in the war, with the Falklands war Task Force prepared by local dock workers at speed, prior to its launch from the Naval city on April 5th, 1982.

The Task Force was composed of 100 ships, carrying a reinforced 3 Commando Brigade with 2nd and 3rd Battalions, The Parachute Regiment attached, along with other units including a reinforced Troop from The Blues and Royals, under the command of Brigadier Julian Thompson.

Shadow Armed Forces Minister and member of parliament for Portsmouth South, Stephen Morgan, commented,

“Nearly forty years on from the end of the Falklands war, we reflect on the incredible efforts and sacrifices made by our city to protect British civilians overseas.”

“From the dock workers who prepared the task force ships at speed, to the service personnel who both risked and sadly gave their lives to defend Britons, we all owe them an incredible debt.”

“On the 39th anniversary of the war’s end, we pay tribute to them all and honour the memory of those who did not return home.”