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Neighbourhood policing cut by more than 10,000 under the Conservatives

Labour analysis of latest police workforce statistics reveals shocking cuts to neighbourhood policing under the Conservatives, undermining the leadership candidates’ pledges on law and order.

Compared to 2015, the number of officers and PCSOs assigned to neighbourhood roles has fallen by 6,625 and 3,898 respectively. That equates to a cut of over 10,000 police dedicated to patrolling and supporting local neighbourhoods, with a cut to officers specifically of almost 30%.

There are also 6,252 fewer frontline officers than there were in 2010, and the proportion of officers on frontline is at its the lowest since 2010.

Overall, the number of PCSOs has fallen from 16,377 in 2010 to just 8,750 – a decrease of almost 50%. In the last year alone, 534 PCSOs have been cut from police forces across the country.  

​Between 2015 and 2020, the proportion of the public who report never seeing a police officer on patrol has almost doubled (up from 25% to 48%).

Meanwhile the charge rate has fallen to a record low – down from 15.5% in 2015 to just 5.6% in the latest round of statistics.

Portsmouth South MP Stephen Morgan said:

“Neighbourhood policing has been hollowed out by this government and the consequences are being felt across our city’s communities, with rising crime and more people frustrated by anti-social behaviour in their area.

“People are desperate to see police out on the streets of Portsmouth, but bickering Conservative leadership candidates are asking hard working officers to do more with less.

“Labour would put neighbourhood police officers back on the street, with local prevention teams and neighbourhood police hubs to tackle community crime at its source.

Our communities need a fresh start with a new government, not yet another failing Conservative Prime Minister.”

The city MP has long campaigned for fairer funding for Hampshire Constabulary and for more bobbies on the beat in Portsmouth. He has raised concerns in Parliament, lobbied Ministers directly, and regularly meets with police officers on the frontline. Mr Morgan meets with the District Commander monthly to discuss community priorities and police resources.

To back the Bobbies on the Beat campaign pledge your support at: www.stephenmorgan.org.uk/give-us-our-bobbies-back/