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City MP calls on Government to tackle racial disparity in the national youth justice system

Stephen Morgan MP today urged Ministers to assure black, Asian and minority ethnic communities that racial disparities in the justice system are being tackled.

The parliamentary representative made the intervention by questioning the Justice Secretary in the House of Commons.

Shockingly since the Lammy Review of 2017, fewer than half of its recommendations have been implemented by Government, as well as a number of other recommendations from several other reviews on related issues.

This year, protests around racial injustice reached a defining tipping point following the murder of George Floyd in America. Since then, events have taken place across the world against racial injustice, including in Portsmouth.

The action today follows a range of steps the MP has been taking in the House of Commons and in Portsmouth to take forward concerns from constituents.

The Member of Parliament for Portsmouth South, commented,

“Racial disproportionality in the youth justice system continues to be a stain on this country.

“Since the Lammy Review the situation of racial disparities in the youth justice system has continued to deteriorate and government stop dragging their feet and take action now.”

This comes as the Coalition of Race Equality Organisations (CORE) shared their fears over the government’s Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities should not be used as ‘a tool to distract the public from inaction on race inequality.

The City MP has vowed to continue to take action on this and similar concerns, liaising with local groups.