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Portsmouth MP urges schools to take part in classroom commemorations for D-Day 75

On 5 June the world’s eyes will be on Portsmouth for the international commemorations that seek to pay tribute to the brave men and women who set sail from Portsmouth’s shores 75 years ago as part of Operation Overlord

The city will be the focal point for commemorations with 300 WW2 veterans, 14 foreign dignitaries and thousands of people expected to flock to the city to take part in the global event.
Stephen Morgan MP, inspired by his own family’s close ties with D-Day, has launched an initiative that seeks to involve constituency schools in the international and local commemorations. 
The Portsmouth South MP writing to school headteachers today is encouraging children to create a postcard along with a personal message to veterans thanking them for their efforts.
Backed by the British Legion, it is hoped the initiative will be a fitting tribute to those who served, as well as tackle social isolation in our communities.
On the launch of his new initiative, Stephen Morgan MP said:
Aged just 17, my grandfather left our great city 75 years ago destined for the beaches of Normandy. Facing unprecedented hardship, adverse conditions and unfamiliar lands, the ability to carry with him a piece of home was immensely powerful.
My Portsmouth family’s continued sending of postcards, with pictures of loved ones, was a lifeline during these trying times. When my grandfather showed me his collection of postcards, gathered over the years, it hit home the symbolic power of sending a short heartfelt message.
I am keen to recreate this idea for today’s generation in Portsmouth’s classrooms and get children to write to our brave veterans conveying their gratitude and showing that the actions of these brave people transcends any age group.”
Upon completing the postcards, which would require children to utilise both their literacy and art skills, they will be presented later this year to veterans at an event which would bring together younger and older demographics.
Mr Morgan added:
With an event of this magnitude, it is essential that lessons are learnt for the youngest members of our community.
It is our responsibility to ensure the ideals of equality, unity and fairness fought for by the brave men women in World War Two are exposed to children in our schools.”
The project forms part of a long running effort to ensure D-Day 75 is an event fit for the brave men and women who set sail from his city’s shores 75 years ago.
So far, the Portsmouth MP has met with the Government Minister responsible for event delivery, liaised with the Director General of the British Legion and lobbied the Government for proper funding in a bid to make the commemorations one to remember.