Underinvestment in social care can't go on

Social care is in crisis, and it is decisions made in Downing Street that have brought us to this point Labour have today warned. Theresa May must stop turning a blind eye to the problems in social care and address the funding crisis urgently.
Stephen Morgan, Portsmouth South’s Member of Parliament said:
“Since 2010 local authorities’ social care budgets have been cut by £4.6 billion and 400,000 fewer people are now receiving publicly funded social care.
In Portsmouth we have seen our council budget cut by over 40 per cent, which has meant vulnerable people in our community not getting the care and support they need”.
It is families who are being left to pick up the pieces. A report by Age UK published in July found the families of one in four care home residents in care is supposed to be free – representing one in ten of all care home residents – has been forces to pay ‘top up fees’ that can run to thousands each year.
Stephen added:
“Labour has warned time and again of the growing crisis in social care. The competing pressures of an ageing population and chronic underfunding cannot go on.
Theresa May must act now to make sure that councils like ours here in Portsmouth have the money to provide quality social care for all those who need it.”

Stephen joins UK and US military exercise 

MP for Portsmouth South, Stephen Morgan, today flew out to sea to observe a joint exercise by US and British Naval Forces. 
As the new aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, prepares to make her way into her home port of Portsmouth, the exercise seeks to prepare British forces to take command of the vessel.
Exercise Saxon Warrior began over a week ago and has seen over 60 Royal Navy and Royal Marine personnel board USS George HW Bush, an American aircraft carrier, as part of the huge NATO war game. 
Portsmouth has also been represented by Pompey-based Type 23 Frigates with HMS Westminster and HMS Iron Duke joining the group of American and Norwegian ships out on the Scottish coast. At one point, HMS Queen Elizabeth sailed alongside her US counterpart, USS George HW Bush, as she undergoes her sea trials.
Mr Morgan met with the senior command team of the UK CSG and visited flight decks and hanger bays during his time at sea.
Stephen Morgan MP, said:
“It was a privilege to be able to fly out to Scotland with our Armed Forces to get a better idea of what our new Carrier Strike Group will be capable of. 
As Portsmouth prepares to welcome HMS Queen Elizabeth into our great city, it is very useful to see how our military work so with our US partners on conflict prevention and the defence of our nations.
I’m sure I’m joined by people across Portsmouth in my pride that the new carrier’s imminent arrival confirms the status of our city as the home of the Royal Navy.”


Call to put an end to NHS winter crisis

Stephen Morgan MP calls on Theresa May to ensure a winter crisis in the NHS is averted
Having campaigned passionately to ensure our National Health Service remains world class and free at the point of use, Stephen Morgan, Portsmouth South’s new Member of Parliament is calling on Theresa May to finally give the NHS the support and resources it urgently needs as we approach the winter months.
Stephen Morgan MP said:
“Seven years of Tory neglect and underinvestment resulted in the Prime Minister overseeing the worst winter crisis on record, putting unnecessary and completely unacceptable additional pressure on our hard working staff at QA Hospital”.
Labour has warned repeatedly that the NHS funding squeeze imposed by the government is damaging standards of patient care.
The party proposed record levels of funding for the NHS in its manifesto and guaranteed the main 4 hour A&E target would finally be met again consistently.
Stephen added:
“It was a Labour government which founded the National Health Service, our proudest achievement, and only Labour can be trusted to ensure universal healthcare will continue to be provided for all on the basis of need, free at the point of use.

Theresa May must finally give the NHS the support and resources it urgently needs and explain what she’s going to do to make sure patients and their families never suffer a year like this ever again”.

Better deal for bus users needed 

Unless they change course, five more years of a Tory Government will deliver five more years of failure to fix our broken bus industry.
Stephen Morgan, Member of Parliament for Portsmouth South, has expressed his concern about the threats to local bus services face under the Conservative Government. 
At the current rate, five more years of a Tory Government will see fares rise to 59 per cent more than 2010 and a reduction of nearly 5000 bus routes between 2010 and 2022 nationally. 
Higher fares and cuts to bus routes are expected to see bus passenger numbers fall by 13 per cent compared to 2010, with the number of elderly and disabled passengers using local bus services in England falling by nearly 20 per cent.
Stephen Morgan MP said:
“I have real fears for the future of public transport in our city and communities across the UK. More must be done to combat soaring fares and vanishing bus links. 
In Portsmouth, where so many people, especially the elderly and disabled, depend on buses to do their shopping, or visit family, cuts to services can be really damaging.
Proper transport links are central to older people, providing means for independence a vital tool in avoiding social isolation.”
Labour have already announced plans for a better deal for the bus users. They suggest extending powers to re-regulate local bus services to councils that want them – not just those combined authorities with an elected mayor. 
The plans also involve overturning the government ban on municipal bus companies, so that councils have the power to established a community bus company.
Commenting on research demonstrating the impact that 5 more years of Conservative government on local bus services, Stephen added:
“The Tories policy of deregulating bus services has been a total failure. 
 Labour will give London-style powers to regulate buses to passengers in Portsmouth, so that bus services can be ran in the interests of passengers”.


Portsmouth commuters paying more for slowest trains in the UK

New data compiled by Trinity Mirror shows that Portsmouth’s rail links to the capital are the slowest in the country.
The report shows that services running from Portsmouth to London travel at an average speed of 35.2 miles per hour, making them the slowest trains to the capital in the nation. Trains back to the South Coast are even slower, clocking in at a less-than-rapid 34.6 mph.
The other slowest train services from Portsmouth include those to Bristol and Cardiff. Trips to neighbouring Southampton crawl along at 16.2 miles per hour, the slowest speed for a major rail connection in the UK.
The news on train speeds comes as Labour analysis of official statistics shows that overcrowding on railways is also at record levels.
At the current rate, the top ten most overcrowded train routes will be, on average, over 220% in excess of capacity by the end of this Parliament.
Labour MP for Portsmouth South, Stephen Morgan, said:
“We need a better deal for our rail in the South. These figures further demonstrate the desperate need for Government action.
People in Portsmouth deserve better than to be overcharged for intolerably slow journeys on which they may not even get a seat.
The government have, for too long, prioritised profit over passengers and commuters clearly need a Labour government to stand up for them”.
Under the Conservatives, rail fares have risen by 27% – three times faster than wage growth – leaving Brits paying some of the highest fares in Europe. The cost of some season tickets has risen by over 40% since 2010, leaving some passenger paying thousands of pounds more each year.
Stephen added:
“It is clear that rail passengers are paying more for less under the Tories.
This government has consistently failed to protect the interests of the millions of people who depend on the railways, leaving local economies damaged and commuters frustrated.
Labour will take back control from failing train operators and finally put passengers first.”