Portsmouth MP to welcome Keir Starmer at regional rally



Stephen Morgan, Member of Parliament for Portsmouth South, is to host the Labour leadership contender at a rally in the city next week


Keir Starmer, who has been nominated by Portsmouth Labour Party and backed by the city’s Labour MP, is to have a stop off on the campaign trail in the south east to speak at a specially convened rally for members and supporters on Saturday 29 February.


Starmer’s visit to Portsmouth will be the third in recent years, coming to the city to listen to local business concerns over Brexit and in late November supporting the Portsmouth South MP in his reelection.


Promoting the forthcoming event supporters along the south coast, Stephen Morgan MP and Shadow Communities Minister said:


“When Labour is united, radical and relevant it wins. And look what we have delivered in Government: the NHS, real investment in our public services, the Equal Pay Act and peace in Northern Ireland. Now is the time work together to oppose the damage Mr Johnson’s government will do to our communities and win the country over. 


Portsmouth Labour believes Keir will unite every part of our party and our movement. I am delighted he is coming to our city to address supporters and members. 


I hope as many people across the region attend to hear what he has to say”.


The Labour leadership contender has visited every part of the UK since he launched his leadership campaign.


To join Keir, Stephen and special guests you will need to book a place at the rally. To confirm you’re coming along visit:




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City MP turns words into action at standing room only climate event in Portsmouth

Stephen Morgan MP this weekend hosted a climate change event at a city venue sharing ideas on how to improve Portsmouth’s approach to tackling the environmental crisis.

The event, which was attended by around 90 people and was standing room only, was orchestrated by Stephen Morgan MP who shared the stage with Oxford City Council’s Cabinet Member for a zero carbon Oxford, Cllr Tom Hayes.

Mr Morgan said:

“Local authorities are on the front line when it comes to tackling the climate emergency. With time running out and crisis point already reached, addressing this issue will remain a top priority for me.

Oxford are trailblazers when it comes to going green at local authority level. The reason I hosted Cllr Hayes here is so that we in Portsmouth can capture what works and help replicate it.

Today was the first of a series of events and ideas I’m planning in 2020 that will help spread change in our city. Success is built upon shared ideas and learning from others, I will lead from the front when it comes to making the changes our communities need.”

The city MP’s work comes at a crucial time. Portsmouth City Council is ranked as one of the lowest for recycling rates, is in the midst of an air pollution crisis described as ‘dangerous’ by the British Heart Foundation and has a low Friends of the Earth Green rating.

The city MP said:

“Portsmouth City Council can do better. Rather than simply highlighting their failings, I will create opportunities for improvement.

Oxford has a commendable record of encouraging green business models, introducing the world’s first Zero Emission Zone from 2020 and has proliferated the use of electric vehicles by introducing widespread charging points. These are changes made at local authority level that we can match.

Portsmouth people are makers and doers, I have every faith that in the future we can be a flagship green city leading from the front. I will do everything in my power to reach that goal.”

Stephen Morgan is no stranger to climate change action. He has consistently voted in favour of legislation in parliament, lead the Labour group to declaring an emergency locally, has spoken out in Queens Speech debates, hosted roundtable meetings in Portsmouth, launched a tree planting scheme and taken countless other measures.



Help save Portsmouth's shipbuilding

BAE Systems is cutting almost 1,800 jobs as it calls an end to more than 500 years of shipbuilding in Portsmouth. The shipyard will close by the end of 2015, with heavy job losses in the city. This is a political decision, and a bad decision.
The end of shipbuilding in Portsmouth brings the curtain down on a centuries old industry in a city that built the Tudor warship the Mary Rose.
The defence giant announced on Wednesday morning that 940 shipbuilding jobs will be lost in Portsmouth. A further 835 jobs are to go, mostly in Glasgow, but also in Rosyth near Dunfermline and Filton near Bristol.  Union leaders described the plans to cut 1,775 jobs – far more than previously expected – as “a huge blow to Britain’s manufacturing and industrial base”.
Sign the petition to help save Portsmouth’s shipbuilding industry and the jobs of so many: