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Pompey's parking problems


Inconsiderate parking doesn’t help the city’s parking problems

Parking is a major issue in Charles Dickens ward and across the city.
Whilst the growth in car ownership and commercial vehicles means work must be done to increase the number of parking spaces, it is also important where parking restrictions are in place that they are enforced.  Unfortunately there is no simple solution to the problems we encounter with parking in the ward.
Stephen said:
“The thing that annoys residents the most is the inconsiderate parking of the minority. A number of people have raised this with me on the doorstep. A lot of these disputes can be resolved if people thought about how their actions might impact upon their neighbours”.
Stephen is regularly in contact with the council’s parking and housing offices asking for measures to be taken to improve parking arrangements across our communities.
He added:
“A whole city parking review needs to take place so a better plan can be produced. Sadly the Lib Dems and Tories have only had a piecemeal approach over the years and this must stop. This has knocked the problem from one area to the next. At the same time, we should improve cycle routes in the city, alongside sensible decisions on bus lanes, helping to cut congestion and pollution in Portsmouth”.
Do you agree? Contact Stephen with your comments, ideas and views.