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Government must listen to concerns over easements says city MP

Concerns are increasingly being raised that public bodies, including schools and councils, could be forced to make major changes to public services at short notice and without time to prepare when easements come from the current coronavirus lockdown.

Portsmouth South’s Stephen Morgan is calling on Government to ensure engagement with key groups to make sure services are fully prepared for when restrictions start to be lifted.

Listening to these concerns, Stephen Morgan MP said:

“I fully supported government’s decision to extend the lockdown which is saving lives. The issue we must address now is looking towards getting Britain on the road to recovery.

The British public have made great sacrifices to make the lockdown work. They deserve to be part of a frank conversation about what comes next.

That means engaging with teachers, trade unions, businesses, local authorities and other community leaders in the coming days about how such a strategy can be put in place to serve the interests of public health, the economy and people’s jobs.

Making major announcements without engaging with key stakeholders will plunge the country into new challenges.

Other nations in the UK and countries around the world are publishing exit strategies and having honest conversations with the public about what new arrangements might look like. The UK government is behind the curve on this.”

The MP has submitted a string of parliamentary questions urging the Government to consult organisations such as Local Resilience Forums, the Local Government Association and British Retail Consortium before plans by Ministers are announced.